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Our Expertise

​At the law firm of Payne & du Toit, our attorneys are experienced civil litigators. This means we have the skill and the competence to handle every phase of your case—whether that means bringing your case to a quick and early settlement resolution or seeing your case through to the end at trial (or beyond). What is appropriate for your case depends upon a number of factors that vary in each circumstance, such as your dispute or injury, the cause of your injury, your desired objectives in obtaining a resolution, and the other parties involved.

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Practice Areas

o Auto and Truck/Tractor-Trailer Accidents

o Asbestos

o Aviation

o Chemical Accidents/Exposures

o Contract Disputes

o Medical Malpractice

o Personal Injury

o Premises Liability


o Product Liability


o Slip and Fall

o Toxic Tort

o Work Injuries


o Workers’ Compensation

o Wrongful Death

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